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HEIMOJEWELS - a girl that had a dream ! The story behind and more ..


Who is the creator behind the concept?

The creator behind the concept of Heimojewels is a girl who had a dream and visions to create something that was always a calling and bring joy by sharing the creations with others! 


How did you start making handmade jewelry?

I was always in love with wearing something different so when i started my thoughts where for those in search of something out-of-the-ordinary. My target is to create long lasting jewels that aren’t just roughly beautiful, but also have a soul, being passed on from generation to generation.


 Where does your inspiration come from when creating a jewelry?

I find my inspiration through every form of art, music subculture and elements of the natural world. 


Do you find a look unfinished without jewelry?

Definitely! I think a piece of jewelry makes you more complete. I create my pieces so that it can balance weight and dimensions to become a part of you. In the best case you can wear my jewelry at any occasion.


Are you working on something new ?

Every day is a new way of inspiration,i take care that every time i’m inspired to draw it in my mind first, then straight working on it, and having it done by the end of the day makes me feel complete. New items coming soon and i’ m so excited to share them with you! 

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