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Insides from the mind behind Noir Morphosis..

When did your passion for fashion started ?

I am Ioana Surdu, designer of label NoirMorphosis. My journey as a designer started in 2013, out of a need to create my own outfits because I was fed up with the mainstream clothing, so I decided to create first for myself, playing with different garments and experiment new cuts. I think I was very angry with the boring uniforms I saw on the streets, I wanted to see something original, unique, like the clothing expressing this individuality, uniqueness, something that was not in trend or that everyone is wearing. I studied history of art and it has a lot of influence in my creative process.


What is the story behind your label ?

NoirMorphosis is an extension of my inner world, a deep connection with my emotions, as a way of giving form to the Unseen. The name NoirMorphosis means permanent becoming. The outfits I create are multifunctional, giving the wearer the possibility to transform or deconstruct the clothing in a personal way, in this way the wearer becomes an extension of the brand participating in the creative process


You said ,,when i create i have anxiety, like i’m always on the edge,excitment and the same time sadness’’. Many take anxiety as a bad thing and they are afraid of facing it. Do you find anxiety as a tool that helps you go even more wild when creating your clothes?

About anxiety, it has always followed me and it was a big struggle to stay with it and feel it consciously, not running away from it. In my creative process, anxiety yes has a lot to teach me, because every time I create something new, I feel like I give birth to something from within, I put everything there, all my heart in this process, and yes sometimes it helps me to create even more wild, forms that are coming from the future.

I work both ways, at the surface with textiles and on a deeper level in the Unseen, my inner work of facing and integrating my darkness, sometimes I can’t create anything, I’m just lying on the floor crying, and then again I have new energy to create. I think this is the cosmic rhythm of life, the cycle of death, life, periods of stagnation,and then again life. But we forgot to honour them and get confused and runaway from this uncomfortable feelings, because this is what this sick society promotes, only productivity, doing more, the biggest disease of this society. That’s why I want to stay true to myself and create only small amount of pieces without this pressure of creating seasonal collections.


When u start creating a piece do you make a sketch in your mind on how the final product is going to look like or you just go with how you feel in that specific moment ?

In my creative process I guide myself after the feeling, I work mainly in textiles, the whole process is fluid, intuitive. My approach to clothing making is experimental, clothes become a canvas of my emotions. As an artist I explore and create blindly without knowing how the final piece of clothing will look like, I let the inspiration guide me all the time. The clothing I create are avant-garde, in the way that it presumes forward thinking, artistry, unconventional designs, new forms, structures and a personal touch that separates the ideas from the mainstream. I use monochrome shades to emphasize the sculptural shape of the outfit , to create paradoxes and unexpected cuts that empower the wearer to express their inner freedom


Where should people come If they want to see your creations in person?

People can find my creations in Porto, Portugal

If you want to keep up with Noir Morphosis follow them on !

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