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Interview with Ilaria Bellomo

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

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Today we present you Ilaria Bellomo - Florence, Italy

What is the brand story?

I define my brand as an alternative dimension, a sort of Noir garden immersed in an undefined time and place; an oneiric dimension that becomes reality by means of garments and objects which, like materic creatures, come to life and tell their own story.

A reality which, in its own small way, presents a resurrection of Noir, intended not as a colour but as a sensory element.

My grandfather was a menswear tailor while my grandmother was a wedding pattern maker. I used to spend many afternoons with them during my childhood, and the preciousness and the authenticity of the artisanal processes, involved in the creation of each garment, have always fascinated me. This is an important value that has been passed down to me and is intrinsic in my process.

During the first lockdown I decided to build a wood loom by myself at home, in order to use and up-cycle all the textile scraps I collected in the past years. My passion for weaving began at that moment. Now I work with artisanal techniques only, up-cycling vintage and antique garments since respect for the Planet is essential for me.

Black is very often perceived as a polluting color, not environmentally friendly, not alive; my black is different, I want to free black from negative symbolisms and meanings.



Who is the mind behind the brand ?

I don't believe in static definitions: I don't like to define myself as a fashion designer. Black and textile manipulations are my distinctive features, the common thread which I express through different codes: garments, accessories but also objects and interior expanding my creativity to more fields, while preserving my own aesthetics and values.


Why choosing to make every piece unique and unrepeatable ?

I always imagine my pieces as materic Creatures, coming to life and expressing their uniqueness. A voice encapsulated in a physical body that travels through time: starting from vintage and antique clothes, bearers of stories of other lives, I create new creatures through the layering of fabrics, where past and present intersect and interact. I like this idea that my clients can own something unique, precious and unrepeatable as each one of us.


If you could describe with only three words your brand, what would they be?

A oneiric Noir dimension

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