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Interview with the creator of CraXittude

In September 2022 , CraXittude celebrated there 5 years anniversary since the project was born . Let's find out what the author of this uniqhe concept has to say about the last collection , last initiative and more ..


Who is the mind behind the brand?

Behind CraXittude there is no fashion designer but a merely independent creator. Craxittude started as a personal project meant to create a visual language for those who do not belong conventionally, for those who disregard dress codes and don’t find themselves in what the fashion industry or mainstream have to offer. CraXittude is my space for exploration within manifesting in the form of unconventional wear and accessories.

Yet behind CraXittude there is no single mind. Each story and collection is the result of a team effort in the end. The creative director & photographer, the muses, make-up artist, all contribute to the project. Together we create and illustrate the story around each collection.

Also, on the production side I’m grateful to work with open-minded and talented persons who accept the challenge of sewing my crax-patterns in order to offer the best quality crax-pieces to each unconventional spirit.


How did you come up with the name,,Craxittude’’ ?

My black cat, Craxa, who has quite an attitude inspired the name of the project. She is always beside me while I’m creating or sewing new pieces either sniffing around or playing with my stuff.


Your last Collection ,, Ecoself. All Human’’ has a story behind divided in five acts. Why choosing to create a story out of your collection ?

CraXittude grew organically into a project which raises awareness on topics that trouble me and that I’m dealing with at a certain point in time. CraXittude collections are not seasonal. They are created with meaning and I hope that through each story I inspire others to gain new perspectives on the matter exposed and to make conscious choices in their lives.

Ecoself. All Human story , inspired by the Norwegian philosopher, Arne Naess and the deep ecology concept, was designed in V acts like a theatre play, each act building the pleading for a world where we no longer consider ourselves at its center, where we may shape dimensions as we desire, but part of it, considering each being as an evergoing embracement of nature, because inherent potentialities are realised in togetherness not selfishness.



Why did you mean by saying ,,Grapes and melons are for granted, but sweet to taste’’ in the second act ?

Our planet has received us as sons and daughters with nothing in exchange to give. Just to do as please with her gifts and share with the other living creatures the tastes of creation in harmony and acceptance.


What should we expect from your future collection ?

Future collections will continue on the crax-dimensions:

Empowering creativity through transformer wear allowing the wearer to shape the cloths to his/her own spirit

Caring for the environment using natural fabrics that are gentle on the skin and have a low impact on the environment. To give back to this beautiful planet that we inhabit, CraXittude will plant a tree where it is needed the most for each piece we produce.

Creating unconventional wear by experimenting with artisanal techniques and new technologies.

If you want to find out more details about their last initiative We plant trees together, partenering with One Tree Planted , check out their website !

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