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New Collection by Tudor Halatiu


Who is the mind behind this collection?

The creative head of the collections that I present on the catwalk and on social media is me, Tudor Halatiu, one of the best romanian designers. The differentiating element between me and my colleagues in the fashion industry is the very easy way that I control the shine in and on clothes.

How does this collection reflect your personal design aesthetic and philosophy?


Glitter is the main element of my collections. I don't think I've ever had a collection in which sequins were not integrated. I have loved sequins and glitter ever since I was in college and since I learned how to play with this glitter niche, sequins, glitter, sparkly stones and shiny textures are my brand aesthetic.

Can you share any insides about the creative process behind this collection?

My creative process is based on some very simple steps, from which I have not deviated since the beginning of my career as a designer. First of all, I choose a subject that I study from all points of view. Then I make a visual documentation to be able to create my mood board. After creating the moodboard and the documentation, I start looking for the materials that I would like to work with and which seem to me to visually support the concept, and the last step is to create the silhouettes for the collection, which I simulate digitally to realize how each one will fit in the general composition of the collection.


What are the segniture looks from the collection?

If we talk about fabrics, exactly as I said above, my signature is sequins, but if we talk about structures in my collections you will always find coats with very long trains, super fitted mermaid dresses, very puffy sleeves, dramatic collars, basically everything it can be called dramatic.


Are there any specific cultural or social issues that inspired or influnce this collection?

Yeah, in my new collection what inspired me for the concept was the way that money can manipulate the whole world. I believe in the power of money and that's why my collection was called "Dirty Money". 

Were there any particular muses or icons that inspired the overall aesthetic?

Over time, I liked all kinds of designers and aesthetics that I kept seeing at big brands, but as I grew in my career and in my thinking, I came to the conclusion that only what represents me I want to show on stage and my aesthetic seems very original. But to answer the question precisely, at the moment I am not inspired by a certain designer, aesthetics or trends.


Can you discuss any symbolism or hidden meanings behind certain prints, patterns, or motifs in this collection?

I have always liked this area of symbols and hidden things. In my collection, only those with eyes to see managed to notice some details that are related to the mystical aesthetics of witchcraft. Witchcraft and the esoteric side are my biggest passion.

Can you highlight any unexpected or unconventional styling choices for this colection?

These words are not meant for me in general. I was unexpected just by the simple fact that I chose the color of the collection, which no one expected, but every detail in the collection was carefully studied and calculated to the millimeter. I'm a Taurus, I'm a perfectionist and I like to present my work flawlessly.

Check them out here !

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