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Q&A with Amy Powell - Independent designer based in UK

Who is the designer behind the creations? My name is Amy Powell, I'm an independent designer and freelance knitter based in the UK. I'm a recent fashion graduate from Ravensbourne University and have been working on freelance projects and my own work since September of 2022.


What is your process when creating a piece? Currently, I have been creating pieces in two different ways. Some of my pieces are patterns that were made for my graduate collection but didn't make the final cut, so I have been making pieces I previously designed. The other way is freestyle knitting - for this method I usually select a deadstock yarn I'd like to use up and I create interesting freestyle shapes on my knit machine. I then pin these interesting fabric shapes onto a mannequin body and see how I can put them together, like a puzzle. It's quite technically challenging trying out freestyle pattern making, but I enjoy the unique shapes and garments it can create!

What is your favourite project so far? My favourite project so far was my graduate collection as it is the project I worked on for the longest amount of time. Though there are things I wish to revisit and develop further, I think I showed a lot of personal growth through my collection and I learnt a lot of new skills in knitwear and tailoring that I have never explored before. A lot of the research and design development of my graduate collection has helped me develop the knitwear I have done since graduating - there are many new coats and knits I would like to bring to life that are inspired by this collection.


Are you working on something new? As of right now I am working on many freelance and collaborative projects rather than a new collection - I am lucky to have these projects as it puts me back in a creative collaborative environment since I graduated. All will be revealed in the future!

What inspires you as an artist?

I have many avenues that inspire what I do. I have always had a background in the arts and performance and have a selection of creative muses that inspire me with their form and aesthetic. My previous projects have all been inspired by historic eras and my British heritage as well as my love for dance and storytelling. I allow everything around me to influence my projects and I'm always looking for interesting muses and new techniques and skills I could learn!

Photographer/ Editor: Robert Bogdan-Roth

Make-up & Hair: Liana Loughlin

Models: Matthew Howard & Alex Gostick

Jewellery Collaboration: Le Fondre

Click here to find his work !

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