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RAM by Ramona Bizbac About her NEW COLLECTION

What was your inspiration when creating this collection?

The collection’s main source of inspiration was the Romanian countryside, specifically based on my childhood memories in Trusesti, Botosani. Ultimately, this also inspired the name of my collection (RAM), as it alludes to the idea of memories forever remembered. The collection encapsulates my experience finding myself and becoming in true harmony with nature and its rhythm.

How would you describe the overall mood or atmosphere that you wanted to create?

Although I have often been told I come across as cold, I believe my designs encapsulate my sensitive side. Here is what I envisioned when designing my collection: I am in a golden field, and I hear everything. From the subtle sound of ants moving around, to the wheat drying. All of these sounds are unique in their own rhythm and, all around me, nature is harmoniously flowing.



What are some key details or embellishments that make this Collection unique and stand out?

All of the pieces from this collection are handcrafted through fabric manipulation. The crochet pieces represent a spiritual inheritance that has been passed down to me from my grandmother and the wooden pieces are associated with my hometown. My uncle helped hand craft these pieces through a very old technique, and he coincidently did so in my childhood home. The blazer’s texture was obtained through an old machine called “razboi”, used a long time ago to make clothing . Through the modification of linen and adding long strings, I wanted to showcase fluid movement, much like a breeze on a summer day or a collapsing anthill.

How did you approach the balance between creating timeless pieces and incorporating current trends ?

.For this collection, I have not followed any trend, as its purpose was not to attract buyers. Instead, I simply let myself be guided by my feelings and played around with fabrics, textures and shapes. The collection’ materialization encompasses slow fashion. My ultimate goal is to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings and express authenticity, as well as an alternative to fast fashion.

What are some of your favorite pieces or looks from this collection?

.I have tried to answer this question myself many times, howereI am sure that the people who see this collection would provide a better answer. However, I have realized that I have become deeply attached to every single piece in this collection, as I have put my heart and soul into making it come to life.

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