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YFN Presents New Designer Renata Mihaly


Is there a story or narrative woven into the collection?

The brand "Renata Mihaly" is the brand that prevails through its proposals innovative elements, in which we can find contemporary and timeless elements, cultural blends, diversity, brought in contemporary through authentic, inspirational details and cultural elements Roma, but also from other cultures. It exudes freedom of movement, attitude, contemporaneity, femininity, power and confidence.

The Renata Mihaly brand stood out locally, nationally and internationally through exhibitions and participation in specialized events through novel and modernist elements.

The collections generally aim to convey some emotions, moods, tenderness and power for the woman in general.

How does this collection reflect your personal design aesthetic and philosophy?

The concept and title of the clothing collection” SILVER RAYS "translated" Silver Rays", intends to convey the rich meanings of this color that come in the form of several connotations, some of which are found in the proposed collection would be light, success, elegance and wisdom. The collection is also inspired by the paradox between the silver base, that is, the gray color and the brilliance offered by Silver, which conveys opulence and safety, a paradox from which light after dark emerges.


Can you share any anecdotes about the creative process behind this collection?

For this collection we also used Roma cultural elements, this time such as: the headscarf with pennies, which is representative of the traditional Roma port. I want to highlight the authentic roma culture and to draw attention to the acceptance of culture and people of ethnicity, cultural diversity being an area to which we can each contribute through what we achieve.‬ The collection is part of the couture clothing category, consisting of several eccentric pieces that shape the image of the future. It consists of: trousers, dresses, coats, capes and blouses, and the materials used are veil, transparent materials, velvet, metallic materials, silver and sequins of various sizes.

I chose this topic because being of Roma ethnicity, I believe that I am able to promote the Roma culture through what I prepare in the professional field. Roma culture was an important inspirational element in fashion, used by the great designers of the world of all time, through their own vision. Through this collection we brought novelty in the Roma culture, a modern, realistic prosperity, using discreet details representative of the Roma. For example, I chose to highlight through the proposed outfits, a neat accessorization, to give up the idea of presenting very colorful traditional Roma outfits, with multiple accessorizations. Through this collection I wanted to find new functionalities, another way of promoting the stylistic of the Roma culture, this time giving up the strong color palette and using different, modern, spectacular chromatic associations.

Can you highlight any standout pieces or Signature looks from the collection?

The remarkable pieces from the "Silver Rays" clothing collection are: the headscarves with pennies representative of the Roma culture, the oversized black coat, but also the other products being unique. The "SILVER RAYS" collection expresses attitude, consistent elements and products that speak about current contexts and the value attributed to oneself.

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